Sunday, December 18, 2011

A few days at Mum's

Last week I spent a few days relaxing at Mum and Dad's place. Along with a lot of sleep ins and naps, we also did a spot of weaving.

Mum finished the cloth for her dressing gown - it has devine colours - pinks and purples - the warp is 60% wool, 40% mohair and the weft is possum. Then we put it in the washing machine for 15 minutes then the tumble drier for 30. So warm and fluffy!

Then we put on a narrow rug warp on her other loom.

And then we put back together am old friend of mine! Lovely old loom I bought when I was a student. I had to take it apart with a warp still on it - a velvet rug warp! So guess what I'll be doing at Christmas time?
And tomorrow I'll post what Belly and I did today!

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