Saturday, October 22, 2011

Velvet weaving and feathers

I've finally finished warping up and am weaving that warp we wound so long ago!
I've done a little bit of velvet and then started putting in cut up ostrich feathers - am loving the feathers!

I also came across a cute quote Something cute I came across in the Sturt archives - from 1958 local paper.
"Weaving is something that 'gets you in'" said Mrs Chaserly, who has been an instructoress for five years. "Some of the housewives who join our classes become so engrossed that I'm afraid they forget their housework for a while."
-- Mel

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Lego Weaving

This is one of those odd moments that only happens at night, on one's own and often a little over-tired.
The catalyst, so far as I can tell, was watching 'James May's Toy Stories' on Mecanno. On it was a brief couple of seconds of a FULLY AUTOMATIC Mecanno power loom - very old black and white film.
Here's a plan I found via

So. Theoretically I could make a teeny baby loom making bookmarks or ribbons sitting beside me while I weave!
But no Mecanno around the house...
But there was the box of Lego I bought myself for Christmas last year...
Playing...distraction... Playing...
Fully working skein winder!

Now the loom... Well my Leggo set wasn't that comprehensive so I couldn't make the rollers unfortunately - or anything automatic without cogs and things, but I went as far as I could with what I had.

And since waking up this morning I've found tonnes more on the interweb! Now I need more Leggo and Mecanno!
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A wasted day again!

Well Melly what a day. I finally got the warp tied on and started to weave and threads kept breaking and after I fixed a few threading mistakes ( don't talk to people who wonder into the studio while threading ) but got all that sorted ( I think).  I have had no end of trouble weaving the pleats and I think the varying tension is the problem and thats because I have wool and silk on the top warp (Wool on the bottom) and the wool remained tight when the silk was loose trying to make the pleat! Grrr.

So any suggestions I just left the studio in disgust and Leo's music was driving me mad so all in all a bad day! Photos not so good my first effort with the iphone.

comfy dog,he's asleep!

wool on the left side of the warp
threading sequence, bottom warp on 5 and 6
no grant no computerized loom
if only Mell,  can we go back

Vive Lacroix!

All images from Elle Decor  Photographer Andrew Lamb   

You could forgive Christian Lacroix for feeling depressed. In December 2009, the designer left the fashion house that bears his name after more than 22 years at its helm. The writing had been on the wall for some time. The label operated without a profit and, in 2005, its original backer, LVMH , sold the firm to the Falic Fashion Group, whose success derives from duty-free retailing. The glamorous and cerebral Lacroix found himself part of the same corporation as Daddy Yankee fragrances and Urban Decay cosmetics. Today, Maison Christian Lacroix continues without him. No longer, however, does it produce the women’s ready-to-wear and haute couture that made it famous. Instead, the house launched a menswear line this past January with a collection that bears little relationship to the joyous, flamboyant style that has long been Lacroix’s trademark. Full article on Elle Decor online.


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