Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Not sure if I like this sample - not sure what to do for the rest of the scarf?


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

301 Post and warp samples

Well Melly this is our 301st post. I have been sampling on my warp today and having a bit of fun even if I only had 1.5 hours in the studio. Its better than none.

Belinda Jessup Copper and Rayon weaving
I have used copper in the weft and a hot pink mederia metallic thread. I started with a fine copper thread and when i went to wind a new bobbin discovered I had some copper that was much thicker and I think it shows the pattern a bit better. The last bit of sampling was with the metallic thread added. I am still not that happy with it but its a start. My first real lacroix sample.

Belinda Jessup, Copper, Metallic and Rayon Threads

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Warp Progress

Today was an unusually day. I started with some gardening, a quick trip to the shops and I am fancying myself as a decorator! Cake decorator that is. I haven't done any in a veeeeeerrrryyyy long time so thought I would pick up this book and give it ago soon. Just gotta love Costco, gets you in every time and books would be the one thing I can addicted to, cook book especially.

Next a friend dropped by to deliver 2 new chairs I had purchased  a few months ago and hadn't got around to having delivered. Well it was more that I was never here to accept the delivery at a convenient time. ( notice Rocky's ears!)

Then finally I got to go to the studio. It has been a while and I knew I wouldn't be able to sit at the loom for long but I so desperately wanted to get out there and get this warp threaded so I can get a little sampling going.

Finally threaded but Melly how do I keep the rayon from sliding off the beam when you tie it on? Oh wait I think I know!

Presto! marking tape will be my new best friend I think.

Now for a draft. I think this may have come from you or the weave-away blog I read on occasion.
So for my inspiration image   ( top right hand image) , I want to play with copper weft and texture. so lets start playing? Well now I have to wait until Wednesday to go back to the studio as family and work commitments will take up the next 3 day. So lets hope I have not over done the back today as I promised myself I would only sit at the loom for an hour but in the end stayed at the studio for 3 hours. I did get up and walk to visit Nancy Tingey in her studio a few times to rest my back. You would think that some one would develop a loom that was a bit more user friendly by now.   Belly

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Inspiration

After being reminded of your uni work, Belly, and a few things we've chatted about since then (yay for grids!) a few things came to mind -
Lacroix of course!
Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene  www.severija.lt , Way of Roses
Cross stitch embroidery on car parts.
 Otti Berger, tasttafel (texture board), 1928
 Rosalie Gascoigne, Big Yellow, 1988
Imants Tillers, Lacrimae Rerum (for Dzidra), 2007 [Detail]

These are a couple of images that have me thinking about multilayered structures -
 A 200-times magnified view of wood from Kalopanax pictus, the prickly castor oil tree. Image by Dr. Peter Kitin, Akita Prefectural University.
 Public Tower (NY) - Clara Klein
Fibonacci succulent?


Feeling Frustrated

This is an image from my uni days and I want to work more on woven  installations.

Detail of installation, silk and copper eco dyed warp

Well I have to say having a bad back and RSI in your right arm and shoulder is not conducive to weaving!
I am finding it frustrating  that I can only sit at my loom for about 15mins a day if that and it takes more than 15 mins to get to my studio, I feel I will never get this simple warp threaded let alone woven. 

I suppose this is a good time to do more research and enjoy the studio location in the country side.

B. x 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I think the method didn't work so well today. I think it's habit and discipline. Oh well I do feel I accomplished something tho. Of home to work on the computer.



Your warp is not dull belly! It glows! I can't wait to see the copper over it - it's gonna live!

Haven't progressed much this hour - just tinkering with loom.



Ok, structure is working well now. Loom probs still so will need to look at dobby box and adjust slider I think. Also need to adjust ppi on beater.

Having mild mental meltdown about what to do next year - do I keep working or have a break. I think I'll keep working and see what happens.

Back in my studio after 2 months away

So finally go to upload a few images. This was yesterdays effort before I had to run and do one of my favorite duties, baby sit my beautiful grand son. So half the warp is threaded in the heddles and I didnt think to count how many threads
Today has not turned out the way i wanted so no studio today. so back there on Friday.
Am loving your posts Melly, the warp is looking fantastic. cant wait to see more and more in person. My warp is so dull in comparison but hopefully with the copper weft and some texture it will come alive.


Coffee time. Just reading an article in the local paper about a local event - From Couturier to Opera to be held at the Scottish Arms Hotel, East Bowral, October 12 at 7pm. Wow! It's a day I'm not working! I can go!



Oh yeah, drafting.


Monday, October 1, 2012


Ok. As we can see, there are a few issues to sort out. Some are with the draft which is fairly easy to sort. There are a few issues however that are loom problems >:|
I admit I was relieved when it worked straight away. Well almost, sorting the com port took a moment but that's to be expected and easy.

I have to go now but I'll fix the draft tonight and the loom tomorrow.
I have to admit, blogging every half an hour really, really worked - from starting out slow, it's a great motivational tool. Thanks Belly!



Nearly there.



Thus is the bit I always underestimate time-wise. Pre-weaving loom maintenance and tie on and prep.

Realigning shaft chains.

So this is what I'm listening to in order to keep me sane. Maybe.



Pink to the left = 10epcm ; green to the right = 20epcm

12 noon

This is taking far longer than it should. Head is not settling in to it.



Still going. Distracted myself a bit with the sunny day!



Rethreading to start




Back in the studio after a long break

It seems to be a problem uploading photos via iPhone.
I will continue trying but don't want to waste to much time.
I only have a few hours and want to get the warp threaded up.
Will take some photos and upload from home.


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