Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finished warps

Ok Photos not so good but I finished both woven pieces. The pink and blue was woven to 202cm, off the loom it is 178cm such a big difference and it has felting wool in the warp so will have to be very careful washing it.

The purple warp was woven to ( I thought) 185cm but off the loom its about 200cm. so I am not sure what I did.

I have been using, on some warps a piece of cotton tape with cm's measured on it and pinning it to the weaving and winding on as I go.  I am not to sure it is working to well as it stacks one side of the weaving. So I am sure this is giving me a distorted measurement. What do you think Mel? any ideas for measuring a scarf as weave.
I will post more photos after I wash the pieces. 

todays studio photos

My friend Lucette is a glass artist and she gave me this little off cut of a piece of her work, and it has always sat on my loom since I received it some years ago.I think of her is Switzerland while I am in Australia and I smile when I see it.  I love the colours in it. Maybe it should become a weaving?

new weaving , Thank you Melly as I dont know what I would do without you  setting me in the right direction and helping me when I get stuck, you technical knowledge is amazing

Loving the pink floats and will be interesting when its of the loom and washed

Just cause I can take a photo !

The small Tokia has this warp, wool warp and weft is cashmere/silk, possum and wool
Hopefully I will get some time in the studio tomorrow as I would like to get both these of the looms this week.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finally we have Scarves!

It's been so long but i finally have a good batch of scarves off the AVL! i stayed back till 7.30 tonight just to make sure I got them all off!

 5 scarves = 9 metres of weaving and it feels good to have production finally! I will have to spend a couple of hours fixing threads due to tension problems from the wool and how long that warp has been on the loom, and then I have to dye them so the white is different colours - but they'll be ready soon!
And this was a little something I was just playing with.


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