Friday, April 16, 2010

Reading: Christian Lacroix on Fashion

I am reading the above book as a starting point for research for our Lacroix Sweetie exhibition. The book was produced to accompany an exhibition at the Les Arts Decoratifs Musee de la mode De Textiles Paris, 2007-2008. The book is a visual feast and I am dissapointed that I was unable to see the exhibition in person. Lacroix use the historic collection and juctopositioed his work with the historical to produce a narative on fashion.

I also own this book and have not looked at it for a long time. I am revisiting each on to re connect with Lacroixs' assetic.

This is a great little book and was the first of the set of fashion books I bought in the late 1990's.
This book is missing from my collection and I know I own it but have lent it in the past and it has not come back"home". So looks like it's hello amazon!

I am enjoying the reading and research, I am using this as my visual diary. It is such a visual feast.
A list words Mr Lacroix uses to discribe textiles, fashion, art in general.
My Words to discribe Lacroix
The list is never ending.
How am I going to use these words? I wonder how Mel will interperate these books.

A Little Trip to NSW Gallery

Earlier in the week I had a quick trip to Sydney to see the gallery and Kynokuniya book store.
We saw a stunning exhibition of 17th Century Japanese woodblock prints. I was more impressed with the Wynne and Sulman Prizes than the actual Archibald Prize - a stunning show of really interesting contemporary art.
I've been feeling a little lost lately so I thought a couple of basic books might pep me up. How to be an Explorer of the World is a wonderful book - lots of fun - and reminders.

And these were a little treat - I love them!


New Warp On..

Who'd have thought I'd finally get another warp on? Ok, so it's double weave tube scarves, with rayon, overtwisted wool and 8ply worsted wool. I hope it turns out how I'm hoping it will - there are 5 scarves on there. I'll keep you posted when they are off.

.. and this is how much threading I have done - a whole 3 centimetres. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From My Front Garden

It has been raining quite a lot here lately and interesting things keep popping up. I think I am a little obsessed with natural shape, line and texture.

The lines on these folds I find beautiful.

The spores inside are supposed to be wonderful for dying, but I have yet to try them. I collected a few to try.

I was being watched closely.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More from Julie Ryder's Exhibition

These are a few extra detail pics from Julie's exhibition.


My next lot of Japanese textiles

Yesterday I visited KimoYES and to make a purchase of some fabric. Some vintage but not all and some woven and some printed. Jill the owner was wonderful and let me look through her "Shop" and I had a ball I could have bought lots more but had to think of how the M/C would hold up.
After I had made my purchases Jill gave me some Obi offcuts as a gift. KimoYES has a promotion at the moment with purchases. Above is a sample of some of the Obi pieces. I love the backs of them as much as the fronts.

Fabrics from Japanache in Mittagong

My Bag of Goodies
Fabric 1 - Back
Fabric 1 - Back
Fabric 1 - Front
Fabric 2 - Back
Fabric 2 - Back
Fabric 2 - Front
Fabric 3 - Back
Fabric 3 - Front
Fabric 4 -Front
Fabric 4 - Front
Fabric 5

Fabrics 1-4 are pieces, these came in a roll of "scraps" I have unpicked most of them and washed them. i have to say they were quite dirty. These are the only nice woven pieces from the 2 pack. Fabric 5 is a roll I bought and has about 4- 5 mts on it I think.


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