Monday, November 29, 2010

Satin weave

So Melly,
Thoughts are pleats with anchoring rows of satin weave. pleats will be unwoven with glass beads on the warp threads. Thoughts? to start with clear beads with pink satin anchoring passes. Wonder if I could have monfilament in the warp?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What is Vintage ? and where can it lead weaving projects ?

 I collect vintage clothing, well I have a small collection and they are chosen for the garments design, textile or embellishment.  It is an open criteria and is purely an ascetic pleasing  to me and not about the garment's designer or previous owner/s which is why most people collect vintage clothing. As I look at my collection and other garments I want to collect there is a theme or design ascetic running through the collection. Its seems to be the  1950's. So to describe some of my garments:

  • Dress number one ( image 1) is a heavy pink satin which is totally beaded with loops of glass beads.  
  • Dress number two ( Image 2) blue satin with black lace over lay.
  • Dress number three ( image 3) is a green silk satin jacquard woven pattern fitted with draper sections at the neck and hem. This also come with a matching swing coat.
So if we are looking at contemporary weaving, how would these garments influence a body of work. Looking at dress number one pleats come to mind, beaded pleats these are something I have been researching for a number of years and would like to develop this in to lights or window-wall panels that could emit light collected from the sun. So thoughts turn to the other two garments what could they be?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

where oh where has passion gone?

I am feeling a distinct lack of passion in my life at the moment. So I have begun the search (actually, I seem to start this a lot..hmm) with Pattern (with a definite capital 'P'). Some old friendly favorites and some new..

 Kaffe Fasset's fabric designs
 Islamic tiling
 Rachel Paxton's paintings
 Liberty's silk chair
Haroshi's recycled skateboards

So that's a little smattering of my pattern project folder. It's turning into an interesting and eclectic collection. Weird too.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finally some weaving

So I've been playing about with the undulating warp I put on ages ago. And some of the metalic thread we bought a few weeks ago. What do you think? Oh yeah, and because of the nature of the structure, it slippery-slides everywhere. But I actually like it doing that.

Liz Williams - Architects of Cloth

Craft Australia Living Treasure series

Liz Williamson website

Object  Gallery: Education Kit


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