Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mels Favourite artist

Mel is researching for her PHD and Ross lovgrove is a fav of hers. So lots of unteresting things to come from Mel!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mechanical Textures

These are a couple of examples of a little project I have been working on for fun. I have been loving textures from images in magazines, so I cut a little piece out, stick it in my journal and create my own texture around it. I had a teacher once how referred to drawn texture as 'mechanical texture'. This little book has been making me very happy.


Lacroix dress in the London Financial Times

Vogue Living America

I am loving this colour swatching. Now 2 warps to wind. This may get me out of my own colour palette of cream and neutral colours.

colour inspiration

This image is taken in my brothers backyard in Bourke NSW Australia and Taken minutes after the rain had stopped. We had just had 1.5 inches in about 1 hours, it is so dry and sandy the water vanished instantly. I have taken colour samples out of the image and think this could be a good way of finding new colour combos for warps etc. The image allows for lots of colour combos in different hues. next one will be a lighter hue.


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