Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Straws, Straws, Straws

Mel's suggestion is to use straws. I haven't wound on yet but the straws are very thin and the ones on shalt one slides through the reed so I need to find straws with a wider dimension.
I only had a few so will try some weaving and get back to this and let you know the results!

Monday, February 25, 2008

White Blankets

These photo's are some happy snaps I have taken tonight, It gives me an excuse not to think of the problems involved with the weaving process and how to over come them.

Fluffy white blankets are my latest thing. I have yet to work out the best way to wind on and weave with mohair. It sticks all the time and while winding it breaks very easily.

Weaving is another problem, or more the winding on it all mats in the headles and you need to separate very thread/headle as you go. A bit of a pain really.

The next thing I need to think of is how to get a selvage of some kind on, as you can't have threads in the reed to close or snap! so what is the solution?

I have had one suggestion Hair spray can keep the brushed fibres in place, this works in the very short turn but find you can use a full can on one meter of weaving and you chock in the mean time from the fumes. Any ideas anyone?
Where do I go next? Dying that's what and how to dye large quantities of brushed mohair with out it matting and it being easy to separate.
There are plenty of thing to distract production like and exhibition thinking of Lacroix, colour colour, colour. But no white blankets for a while and the reward at the end will be Lacroix. It would be nice ( well one can dream) to have a conversation with Mr Lacroix, even if it was via email. What drives him and his colour combinations and textures. His designs are sublime I would love to own a small piece of Lacroix. Well that's another dream and focus for full investigation.


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