Monday, January 11, 2010

A Mark on the Floor 2010

Another Sturt Summer School has come and gone. I think we all had lots of fun - I did :) I taught rug weaving again this year, with a focus on design. The course was called A Mark on the Floor. About half of the people in the class had not woven before so it was really great to see everyone take home a completed floor rug.

A good working group - L to R - Nansi, Kylie, Jo and Suzie.

Babette's rug in process.

Helen being handy with some Soumak.

Helen's rug in process, showing her design source from a Rothko painting.

Jenny's rug in process - showing some good Soumak lines.

Jo's loom in the morning sunshine.

Jo with her finished rug.

Kate tying off her ends.

Kate's rug in process showing some eccentric weft.

Kylie's finished rug and some impromptu basketry.

A detail of Kylie's rug and her Gnome's Backpack.

Nansi's rug in process. Her inspiration was from a Van Gough painting and she added some tops to give lots of texture to her clouds.

Suzie's rug in process, showing some very good twilling.

Suzie and Babette tying off Suzie's rug. Suzie wanted some extra design so she threw some black acrylic paint over the rug.

All in all, I think it was a great workshop and everyone did amazing work - congratulations to everyone!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My weaving lady I found

My weaving lady I found in Soi 9 behind the Jim Thompson museum
I don't speak any Thai and she did not speck any English so I don't know her name even but she had a great rhythm with the fly shuttle!

There is a little taste of what I saw in the weave studio


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