Saturday, July 16, 2011

Now for my boring warp

My new warp is a double warp with silver metallic thread and over dyed silk that was part of an old warp we separated and am using a section of it. i am hoping to do pick up on this warp and maybe a play with padded pleats. perhaps there will be enough left on the warp to do some more playing with gold leaf as well on a small sample. Now Melly tell me why do I always end up with PINK??

Mell's new warp

Double warp rayon, what are you thinking Melly? Pleats ? I can't wait to see it woven I think the amazing silver thread should weave beautifully.

Monofiloment Roses

Experimenting with monofiloment for large installation, what do you think Melly ?

Being attacked from the book shelves!

Its not safe in working on the computer at the moment, his favorite spot is the book shelf behind my head!!


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