Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Eco warp

I finished the eco silk warp. The top 2 photos are more true to colour. I could get good photos to show the copper. i have text I want to embroider in the weaving. I would like to take it with me to work on while I am away but will have to think about that and I only have 1 day to decided and get every thing ready to go. so think fast. I just don't want the weaving to be crushed so I will have to get a tube to put it in and that means extra weight. hmmm thoughts Melly ?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

10 scarves

This is a quick post as I don't seem to have had time to scratch this week. So - warp going on - luminousity.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The closing of Lacroix

I just found this in Drafts! not sure why its in there. 
This post about the closing of Lacroix's studio has some amazing photos on it. And a mean pair of boots as well.

Luxe Gifts website

A little Lacroix Passementerie

Yesterday I went looking for some interesting knitting yarns, I had a hankering for some something to do on these cold evenings. Well I didnt find what i was looking for in the knitting department but I did find some yarns to use on a new warp for some samples I am planning for Lacroix Sweetie!

Some rayon, viscose and bamboo

I also found some mohair to finish the purple wool warp that is still on the Toika.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Industry Magazines

My little bit of shopping at Pitti Imagine Filati was all magazines surprisingly enough. Here's a peak -
 My all time favorite is View - fantastic context, images and reports.
 I always love their concept and colour pages.
 This is a new one for me - but extremely good articles..
 ..and photography
 Another new one well worth it.
 A complimentary copy - good info inside.

And this one has just become a new favorite - astoundingly comprehensive, and is just what it says it is - it shows details of shows.

These are all available from  mode..information - fantastic industry magazines though the prices are likewise industry based and not for the feint hearted individual. If you feel like giving yourself a treat they are sooooo worth it!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Putti Imagine Filati

Here are a few quick pics from Pitti Imagine Filati - international yarn expo.

It was held in a fortress!

Conceptual walkway.

More later!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Pink and a New Design

So first today I wove a little more of the circle floats (which I've named Happles - happy apples. Don't ask). And moved on to one last design before I go.

 It's only a little design - 60 cards times 2 (1 set each for 2 wefts). Sitting on the punching machine, waiting. I made it through 34 by the end of the day - tomorrow will be busy!
Although it doesn't look it at the moment, this one is Lacroix inspired - hopefully it will look more so when it's woven. It's squashed in that view by the way, the blue spots will be circles.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Se c'e` gusto non c'e` perdenta

Eva told me this phrase as I was slooowly weaving my multilayered cloth. It means ' if there's pleasure there's no loss.' Referring to the time I've spent on this little piece of cloth.

After many many technical issues, I have my fabric! Julie and Eva helped lots with these technical issues!



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