Sunday, March 31, 2013

Colour Issues

I an umming and arring about these colours for the wall piece I'm starting - what do you think? Too much pink and orange? Keep blue out? Too many colours? I'm tempted to use the all and see what sort of fun can be had. Also given that it will be 40epcm I may need them all! I also get the impression in over thinking this too much..


Finishing Scarves

So do you think I felted it too much?


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stunning Designer Fabrics at Inside story

So Belly took me to a fantastic interiors store to look at fabrics - it was wonderful!
And it's Lacroix all the way!
Wallpaper -

Fabric -

A few other yummy fabrics -

Mulberry Home

Unique fabrics


Weaving Puffies

... And here's how the weaving looks -

So imagine the whit wool dyed in various colours and the wool completely felted so the green rayon puffs up into 'cells'!

Monday, March 25, 2013

A quick catch up

So the scarves in the last photos I posted looked like this after dying -

The second batch I did didn't work so well with the overtwist - I think the structure was too close.
I also have been dying silk scarves -

But today, thanks to your lovely lending of studio Belly, I've nearly finished putting on a wool and rayon part double weave warp for half a dozen scarves.

I do just looove a rayon warp!

Miscounted so ended up with a bunch of heddles in the middle. Meh. The wool will be dyed and well felted after weaving so the rayon will pop! Hopefully. This is a bit of a prototype warp.
Weaving tomorrow!



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