Saturday, February 27, 2010

Images from Bangkok weaver

I think this is horse hair
Threads for the next project I think. I love this lime green. It is the same colour as the warp I used at Lisio Florence Italy. View Lisio's new website
This is my warp at Lisio. On my antique jacquard loom.

Threads on the bobbin winder for the current work (images below)
Me with the Master Weaver, he used to work with Jim Thompson. I think this is his daughter weaving and the weave studio is in his house.

Order of colours in the pattern

This is like lollies to a weaver! Silk on bobbins.

A few more of the images from my weaving studio find in Bangkok. I wish I spoke Thai.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weaving from Thailand

As promised these are a few more images from Thailand. The shop window in on of the huge malls in Bangkok is Tango and they make their own hand bags. The window display is made of the left over pieces of leather and fabrics from the handbags. I just loved the riot of colour.

the woven textiles are from my weaving lady and so is the thread, not the colours I would normally choose but as the man so them to me very cheap as it was left overs I took it any way. Lacroix I think.


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