Friday, December 28, 2012

Wool warp complete

Wool warp, possum and silk weft. Just off the loom and needing finishing. Woven Belinda Jessup
Wash and drying on the magnolia tree. ( sorry image is blurry) Woven Belinda Jessup
Wool warp, possum and silk weft. Washed and need fringes finished.  Woven Belinda Jessup

Wool warp, possum and silk weft. Washed and need fringes finished. I think this series will be called Colour Coding.   Woven Belinda Jessup

 I have completed the wool warp Mell started to weave last time she visited.

The more purple coloured scarf was 182cm pre finished and after finishing 164cm

The red scarf ( using up warp end and double red possum in weft) was 139cm pre finished and after finishing 124.5cm 

 The studios were very quite today, being holidays most people have left the capital for the coast so I think I was the only person there. Very peaceful indeed. I did have one visitor exploring the area for the first time, I hope he comes back when there are more artists around and the place is more lively. The prickly pear was in bloom next to the drive way so I took a happy snap as I left the studio.

Prickly Pear, Strathnairn Driveway, Photo Belinda Jessup
Prickly Pear, Strathnairn Driveway, Photo Belinda Jessup

Warp Choices

Choice 1, L to R, Linen, Japanese man made thread (blue) over spun wool, and silk

Choice 2, L to R, Tencel, Japanese man made thread, over spun wool and silk

Choice 3, L to R, Linen, linen, lurex thread, cotton? ( need to do burn test) over spun wool and silk
So its decision time! I am about to start a production warp and Think I will put on a small production warp to get started. This one will be for 5 scarves. I pulled a number of cones today to make a decision as to what I will weave. I am thinking simple Lacroix ruffles using a number of different yarn types and gaining the ruffles with over twisted threads.

First choice: is still winning as a selection but I  may swap natural coloured linen for bleached linen. Choice 2 colour combination is more pleasing at this point hence swapping the 2 linens around.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Texture to cloth (i)

So I've set myself a little project. How often are you aware of the textures around you? I took a few photos and over the next few days I will translate them from image to design to structure - and maybe to cloth ;)


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finishing process

I had a small snaffu with the warp so I cut what I had woven off and retied on. Which left me with the fun of playing with the finishing!

This is what I cut off.

And this is after dying and finishing! I have to admit I'm quite happy at how it turned out!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

10 Places for 2013

So Melly 2013 planning is in full we are lloking for new outlets so here is my started target list.
Craft ACT
National Gallery of Australia
National Portrait Gallery
National Museum of Australia
Collect @ Object
Craft Vic
Easton and Pearson

Well one can wish can't they. and yes there is 12 not 10 but I figure if I am more ambitious I will get maybe a 30-50% hit rate.


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