Sunday, February 23, 2014

What not to do to your loom

I purchased a second hand AVL compu dobby loom. It was originally purchased in the 1980's (I think) as a dobby  and converted to computer in the 1990's again I think this is correct.

It has taken me a while to set it up as I have to clean the timber rollers the cables run over. There are 16 rollers on each rod and there are 3 sets. After a lot of Mel's strength we got them off today and the cleaning process starts. I have scraped, rubbed and washed using dish washing liquid and a tooth brush. They are now reasonably clean but still not totally dry which will be another test as to if any damage has been done in the cleaning process.

Its hard to see all the gunk on the rollers but let me tell you its horrid. At least there is no smell.

The big job starts, what a mess
The start of the 1st roller

It gets worst
Clean but still wet. I  hope they dry ok, time will tell

Almost dry
So I  still have the rest to do and then the timbers that have felt on them to help hold the cables in place have to have the felt removed and timber clean felt replaced. The felt is solid grease. I will takes some photos of that process when I get to it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Many apologies for such a delay in posts - here's what I've been up to -

Threading was so quick!

Dyed some beautiful soft mohair.

And wove it! It looks quite gauzy because it's under pressure - after finishing it will be full and soft.



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