Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 things from Belinda

Ok Melly . I am trowing out, recycling, giving away but out of my house 10 things a day until I go away in 10 days so thats 100 bits and pieces. Starting with my kitchen junk draws.

1. little velvet bag garbage
2. remote ( from what ?) garbage
3. empty packet recycling
4. eraser garbage
5. mobile phone Recycling
6. mobile phone Recycling
7. note book give away
8. head set garbage
9. membership card garbage
10. stack of receipts ( I have many little stacks) shred and recycle

So 5 out of 10 is garbage my aim is to recycle more than go into the garbage. so we will see how we get on. I have 9 rooms down stairs ( including that garage) and 3 rooms upstairs that are the girls bedrooms and one has been made into a closet so hopefully by the end of next year I should have a clean house if I can keep this up.

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