Saturday, January 26, 2013

Digital Jacquard

I'm very excited! I'm in a book!
Julie Holyoke is one of the lecturers at Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio and has written an amazingly informative book on weave structures and fabrics in jacquard. It really is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in weaving.
I'm very flattered that some of my pieces were included.


Sunday, January 20, 2013


A little helper, pre washed

In the hot tub

Washed and drying
Ready to have the fringe finished

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The first production scarf woven

wool, linen, silk/stainless steel, copper, silk, pre-finished, Belinda Jessup
wool, linen, silk/stainless steel, copper, silk, pre-finished, Belinda Jessup 
Well I have woven the first scarf off, and am reasonably happy with it. I am not to sure about the white linen weft so may end up popping it in a dye pot at some point.

The measurements on the loom were 56cm wide x 231cm long. I am about to do the finishing so will add more info and images after

Oh the Horror! (or Loom Moving Day)

It had to happen. The last of the studio had to be moved.
Mizzley (more than mist, not quite drizzle) was the day. But Sturt was still pretty!

I didn't really have too much time to take many photos as my to helpers were all go. They decided that they wanted to move it with the frame mostly intact if possible This photo is of it mostly stripped down. It was eventually wrapped in a massive amount of bubble wrap and plastic to protect it.

Doors are always a problem. The inner doors to the studio came off and the door extension easily came off thankfully. This next photo is alarming. My poor baby had to go on her side! Did I also mention that even stripped down, this sucker is very heavy? With three of us under it we only just made it.

So now it's safe and sound in its temporary abode. Mum has some curtains that she wants to weave. So a big thanks to my helpers (Dad and Dave, my brother).

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Well was having a great time getting some weaving done. I have a twisted thread and thought I would go for a little walk to help my back before I tackled the mess. As I stepped out the studio door I almost stepped on a very large black snake. So after the panic subsided I have come home.

I have woven about 70cm. I am not happy with the white linen warp but maybe I will dye it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Studio Closed due to catastrophic fire danger

Well so much for the threading being done before I go away for the weekend. The studio complex has been closed for 2 days so far due to the horrible fire danger here. It is very sad to see areas of Australia burning and to see people loosing their homes and in the worst cases their lives.

So to put it in perspective not being able to get to the studio is minor in comparison. The image is of a dress my daughter has and I love the fabric very much and would love to weave
 something like it one day.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Food for thought

Ricardo's Cake cabinet.

If anyone reads Japanese and can tell me what this thread is from the label I would be most greatful. 
Well it is really, just sit and look and dream about eating one of these delights. Next time you visit Mel we will go to Ricardo's for coffee and cake.

New warp started

Warp being wound on back beam. Over twisted wool, linen copper and silk/stainless steel. So I didn't use any of the warp selections I chose, so will have to post another picture of final choice

Ready to find the cross.

Threading started.
Over twisted wool - GRRRRRRRR

Will I have the warp threaded through the headles, it has taken 4 days and there is not a lot of threads its just been so hot in the studio that I can only stay about an hour each time. Unfortunately  I have not been about to go out early morning when it would be a bit cooler so a hour at a time  it had to be. Better than nothing.
 The over twisted wool is a real bugger and has a mind of its own and not a good mind at that.
 The warp is 8 metres so I should get 3 scarves and hopefully a sample to play with.

Mel fixing the loom again. It does not like you to change patterns, as soon as you remove and replace the pegs and lags poof it takes hours of readjusting to get it going again.

Still getting the design right and loom working properly


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