Friday, June 27, 2014

Half way there

Yuk tangled silk.

Well what a big job winding a 50 mt warp on is. Its finally on.  I had a lot of help from Mel but this is not the way to do a big warp. The warp was wound before I had the sectional beams. I know I will have some tension issues while I am weaving but hopefully I will be able to work with them. I may just have to cut the weaving off every so often and retie on. Ok now for the 2nd warp, its the same length but wool. I had originally planned to felt the woven pieces and will still felt some  but now hope I can do a bit more experimenting with the warps.

Silk on now start the 2nd warp, the wool warp.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mammoth warp started

Well mammoth for me. I wound this warp some years ago, by some I mean maybe 7 years ago and about 50 mts long  if my memory is correct. Now that is embarrassing isn't it. I think I have been frightened of it and didn't quite know how to wind it on the loom. It is a double warp, one wool and the second one is silk. This section is silk I thought  it would be easier to wind on by my self. Although I have started it a few times I think it may have beaten me. Maybe I will bribe my daughter for help. I am hoping to play with felting and interesting textures. Stay tuned!

Starting to wind the 50 mt silk warp, what was I thinking ?

50 mt  silk warp. New production warp

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy loom and some weaving started

I have been weaving most of today and have got quiet a bit done. I am happy with what I did get done today and the loom just purred along. I think its happy to be at home in the warmth. Although I had
planned much more for the weekend, I just spend  time with my family and a catch up with friends Julie Ryder and Melanie Olde to plan a pop up shop at the end of July. (Details soon)

So have started to plan my weekend and again another full on. 

I still have about 40 cm to weave, I got 135 cm done today. I am worried about my
shoulder and back so have been taking it slow. Belly

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Another new loom space!

Aaaand here's a photo of Belly saving my bacon and holding my
loom together till I got the bolts in - thanks to you too Belly! (And you thought I'd forget to post this!)

Frankly I think we're getting rather good at all this loom moving :)


My loom has a new home

Thank you again Melly, you always come to the rescue. Yesterday Mel and I set up my AVL in a spare room at my house. She will be very happy in this room! Its heated and opposite my room so I can pop in and out to weave at any time. I am rethreading the warp that was on the loom before we moved it from my old studio. I am hoping that this will be more productive for me. I should get this warp off in a day or so then I want to put my long silk and wool warp on and weave it off. I has been wound for some years and just waiting for some weaving love!

Loom almost ready to thread up.

I should have painted the room before I move the loom in. I think the pink and green walls really has had its day and needs to go. I am looking for a small shelve unit to go beside the storage that I put in yesterday, but has to fit under the stairs. Any way thanks Mel hope you are doing lots of weaving this week.

Everyone needs storage, oh that pink wall has to go!

Two scarves from my using up the stash warp. There is a hell of a stash to use I have to admit
so maybe every second warp need to be a stash buster warp, what do you think Mel?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Look what I found

Inspiration !

Today textile artist Julie Ryder did some research for an up and coming project and called in to the handmade markets. There was a large selection of hand made goods and also a recycled clothing store called Material Pleasures and these were smiling at me but a size 10 so the lovely lady let me take a photo. They are just my colour !


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