Friday, December 30, 2011

Dying Scarves

So I finally finished my problem warp, put the last one in the dye pot, and redyed one of the others. Mainly I just can't wait to start on my new ones - monofilament, rayon and wool.

 This one is in a kind of lime Lanasol.

I'm experimenting with over dying the rayon with Procion. I've left in in overnight so we'll see how it looks later.

And here's a couple of sketches I drew while I was on the train the other day.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Funny

This seems relevant -
Care of


A couple of animals featured today - chooks and monkeys.

Carrying on from the sampling on the weekend, I've decided to make some cuffs - rayon, silver and feathers.

 And I decided to make my god-daughter and her sister sock-monkeys for Christmas .
More weaving tomorrow!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 things from Belinda

Ok Melly . I am trowing out, recycling, giving away but out of my house 10 things a day until I go away in 10 days so thats 100 bits and pieces. Starting with my kitchen junk draws.

1. little velvet bag garbage
2. remote ( from what ?) garbage
3. empty packet recycling
4. eraser garbage
5. mobile phone Recycling
6. mobile phone Recycling
7. note book give away
8. head set garbage
9. membership card garbage
10. stack of receipts ( I have many little stacks) shred and recycle

So 5 out of 10 is garbage my aim is to recycle more than go into the garbage. so we will see how we get on. I have 9 rooms down stairs ( including that garage) and 3 rooms upstairs that are the girls bedrooms and one has been made into a closet so hopefully by the end of next year I should have a clean house if I can keep this up.

Mells weaving

A little clip of Mell's weaving. Rayon, vintage silver metallic thread and feathers woven in pleats. My warp was not successful but will do some before and after photos. I want to dye the weaving black and print on it with gold leaf.

A few days at Mum's

Last week I spent a few days relaxing at Mum and Dad's place. Along with a lot of sleep ins and naps, we also did a spot of weaving.

Mum finished the cloth for her dressing gown - it has devine colours - pinks and purples - the warp is 60% wool, 40% mohair and the weft is possum. Then we put it in the washing machine for 15 minutes then the tumble drier for 30. So warm and fluffy!

Then we put on a narrow rug warp on her other loom.

And then we put back together am old friend of mine! Lovely old loom I bought when I was a student. I had to take it apart with a warp still on it - a velvet rug warp! So guess what I'll be doing at Christmas time?
And tomorrow I'll post what Belly and I did today!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My new discovery of an ancient art.

I stumbled upon a weaving technique called Saganishiki and I am totally smittened. I would love to try it and am thinking of going to Convergence in Long Beach next year to do a workshop. The warp is paper and coated with metal in some cases 24ct gold! with silk weft,  so not a cheap technique to learn but I would still like to give it ago. There is not a lot of information about Saganishiki out there and if any one knows where I can get a loom please leave a comment. The image is from a blog I found and the weaving is by  blogger Michael Cook ( I think )  at wormspit

Another site I have found and its very interesting but I don't read Japanese. I take it this weaver is a master of the craft.

Dreaded pink and citrus warp

Sometimes I wonder about my colour chooses. Citrus and pink silk, and wool mixed in the top warp and wool ( to felt) in the bottom warp. Of cause the wool and pink thread I the top warp tension differently so it is a problem before I even start to sample. I have put on a simple threading sequence of:
1,2,5,3,4,6 . 5 and 6 being the bottom warp of Lauren ( felting) wool. You can just see the colour samples of forest green, i only had an old reel of Mederia metal bit wanted to see what the colour looked like. Also a dull orange colour that I think works well.

So now what will I weave?

Sorry images need rotating, its an Iphone thing as saved on the computer they look fine so have to figure that one out Melly.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Its been a while

Mel with company:
Mel came to visit this weekend and we got my little loom back out and Mel just had to finish it for me. I think it was driving her crazy that I had not done this yet. so now to weave this off in a week.


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