Monday, January 24, 2011

Next exhibition inspiration

How can you not fall in love with theses images. Alexander McQueen was an amazing designer and a great loss to the fashion world with his dead in 2010. I think another exhibition could be here using sea creatures for colour!

Via Trend dela creme
Alexander McQueen

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Stand of Ties

We visited a vintage store and came across a great stand filled with ties. There were some beautiful jacquards and prints.


A Grande Day Out

What a great day we had! Belly visited me in Mittagong today and we made great headway with Lacroix work.
 This is Belly's inspiration image.

 And her new warp.

 My inspiration image.

 And a new warp for us both to play on - as well as make a couple of scarves.

This is the image we decided that we would use to make some drawings from - can't wait to see what we come up with - I'm so excited!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Ok Not Textile Related at All.

I just came across these images and you know me fell in love with some vintage sparkle.
Via Sweet Jessie

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One last photo

I forgot to post this photo, I came across this store at Santa Monica ( LA). It is a clothing store at a mall, not sure of the name of the mall but it was a corner shop and all the windows were covered in sewing machines.
This is the website Allsaints

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Textile designer

Melly,  I have just found this artist/designer. I love her blog. Karen Barbe  have a look. I spent way to much time looking at her blog but did find this fantastic silk weaving mill in Stockholm. Here are some more pictures from another blog of the mill.  

image Via Redgate Studios

Friday, January 14, 2011

2010-2011 trip part 2

from back step to barn

outdoor skating rink in back yard 

 outdoor skating rink in back yard

Katie, Saddie (man's best friend) and I out cross country

2010-2011 trip to Montana for Melly

Big Mountain in the back ground and Christmas tree in foreground 
Chcek furry friends under the trees across the road! This is taken through the window in front room. 

Cousin Doug christmas morning
my Aunt Kell and cousin Katie out for our daily ( well almost daily walk )

view to right of above road

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lise Frouland's Sturt Summer School Class

Summer School 2011 has come and gone in a flurry - and fun was had!

The kids' class I ran was fun but exhausting! The kids did really well - knitting, weaving, braiding, felting - they made more than I ever thought they would. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos as they ran off with their goodies very quickly.

So the next photos are from Lise's class 'Woven Light', using some fantastic materials.

 Jenny's weaving in progress. I think she's using cotton, reflective thread, copper thread, glow in the dark and a couple of others. The photo is taken in daylight with a camera flash on so the reflective yarn shows up.

Jenny's finished piece around a painting canvas.

 Jenny's finished piece with the camera flash on.

 Sue's weaving with reflective thread, cotton and strips of muslin.


 Another of Sue's pieces, using video tape and other materials.

 Diane's weaving, using Theo Morman inlay technique with reflective thread, nylon momofilament, LED lights and other materials.

Diane's work with lights off and flash on. 

 Scarves that many students made.

And the same with the flash on.

Doormats that some of the students made using an interlocking technique, with light cord threaded through and turned on.


Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Planning part 2

Ok Melly
First things first. I return mid January and need to get the loom working.
So I will email Monique and see if we can make a plan for either a repair or a loom burning!!!
Yes I agree with your plan and I think we should add a few more things but maybe not get to carried away to start.
But I will plan my sample on my trip home. Hmmmm what image am I going to start with. I think my sample plan we discussed on our planning day at Sturt will be my first sample.


Ps love the rug and maybe I need to do one as well, looking forward to see it in the flesh when I get back. Have fun with the summer school, post some photos and say hi to Lise for me. I hope to meet her before she goes but I don' t think I will. Are you coming to Canberra these holidays? I will be home on the 12 th.

I Finished the Rug and Prep for Summer School

I finally finished my rug! Well kind of - finished the weaving anyway - I still have to do the edges. I think this is not the best photo of it, as the green is a bit more prominent. I'll try to take some more photos of it later.

This is part of my preparation for a kids' workshop for the Sturt Summer School. It's called 'Bazaar Textiles' and we will be doing some sewing, knitting, felting and weaving if we can fit it all in! I'm busy warping up 11 ridged heddles for them... should be fun I hope!

-- melly

2011 planning

Ok my Belly - here's a challenge -
- lacroix samples by the end of March
- Artist statement by the end of April
- first exhibition piece/body by the end of May
- applications out by June

how does that sound?



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