Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Companion Planting at Jean Bellette Gallery Hill End

Image 1 and 2 'Me, Here, and You, There' 2011,  embroidery with roses and thorns, (photo: Julie Ryder)

Image 3  All my days follow all your nights – all your yesterdays are all my tomorrows, 2011
 Textiles and threads dyed with plants from Murray’s Cottage, (Photo: B. Runnegar)

Image 4 Hill End Annotations 1’ 2010 Thorns, archival glue on paper, (photo: Julie Ryder)

Image 5 Wishbone’ 2009  Watercolour on paper 23 x 35cm, (photo: Julie Ryder)

Companion Planting is a mixed-media exhibition inspired by a 2009 Hill End residency in Murray’s Cottage, the former home of Donald Friend and Donald Murray. Their complex relationship is explored through watercolours, textiles and objects that are sourced directly from the cottage garden.

Gabriel Dawe

I have just come across this amazing Artist. Gabriel Dawe

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Designers Guild and Christian lacroix

Arles fabrics
 Two of my favorite designers in a Collaboration.
Designers Guild

Just for Fun

My daughters Hannah and Lauren went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales to day and Lauren bought me this little guy ( he's a magnet)

Sturt weave room

Some happy snaps of Mel's weave class today. Image 2 and 6 are Mel's weavng and image is one of Mel's students using silk and stainless steel yarn. sorry i don't know any names.

A few trips about..

A couple of little trips I had lately..
The first is from a fabulous 2nd hand/antique/eclectic store in Berrima called 'Peppergreens' (also apparently the store used in 'Babe').

The next is from my friend Helen's place..
 This is from her daughter's HSC project.

And this one is going to become a little research project. Apparently it is an exact replication of a Bauhaus fabric. I'd really like to find out who designed and made it.

In other news Belly visited me today at the weave room - and as usual inspired me to do some more work! so hopefully soon I'll have some drawings to put up.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am sure Mr Lacroix would approve

 Circa 1800's, Lovely Silk Wedding Ensemble w/ Roleaux Work

Melly I found this on that fabulous website you sent me. The textiles on this site are to die for if you like historic textiles. Ok can you imagine this as a woven sample. Worth a bit of thought.
Maria Niforos

Closer - C. Lacroix dress 1996 V&A

 And just cause we can have eye candy! 


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