Monday, September 26, 2016

Slow progress

Well its been such slow progress, Ill health and just life stopping me getting on with what I want to do. This long weekend I didn't get near what I wanted to do, but small steps. 
Sorry about the bad photos I have taken them at night and the lights are hopeless in my studio room, you can see the end of the torch I have been using to see the headles to thread. I have 1 mistake to fix Grrrrr. 

Threading stripes. Black and white thread is rayon and red is silk. Hopefully interesting double cloth coming up.

Look Mel I removed the seat but but couldn't get the roller off. (sorry about the mess)

Monday, July 4, 2016

A gift from the Island of Lembata

Spindle with hand spun and dyed cotton
Spindle with hand spun and dyed cotton, detail 

Spindle with hand spun and dyed cotton

Julie Ryder has just been on an amazing trip to the Lesser Sunda Island on a textile tour with Sue and David Richardson This is the woman who sold Julie Ryder the spindles with hand spun and dyed cotton on them and I was the lucky recipient of one, thanks Julie. The spindle bit is bone, not sure what of....but this village, Lamalera,on the South Coast of Lembata island is one of the last whaling villages in Indonesia.  


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