Friday, November 18, 2011

Year 10 Felt Shoe Making

These are some photos from a 2 day workshop I gave last week.


Countermarch Woes

Just a quite suggested reading post - and download the article called 'Countermarch Looms - Everything you've ever wanted to know'. After you've done that, print it out and GLUE IT TO YOUR COUNTERMARCH LOOM.
Ok so it's mainly written for Glimakra looms but if you read it very carefully, as well as look at the pictures, and make a few educated guesses, you'll end up with a lovely shed.
I have recently spent hours and hours getting a really fussy countermarche loom working - and I finally did! I was so stunned I needed a Campari! But I felt so good for actually conquering it - I haven't felt like that for ages!
I hope  it still works tomorrow and I didn't dream it..


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