Friday, August 31, 2007

Jacquard week in Melbourne.

This is the joining of the old and new warp. Rachel said a little crab like machine does the work. I just love all the little knots.

My fabric sample (Friday) this took about Halp an hour to weave, with the help of Cybil winding bobbins for me.

Liz Williamson left and Pat Jones right

From left myself, Helen and Monique Van Nieuwland (from ANU textile deptment)

Well its been a while since Mel or I have posted anything on this blog, we are slack I know but with exhibtions, study,work etc we are both busy people.
I spent a wonderful week in Melbourne at RMIT University 2 weeks ago. Helen Houston from Scotweave (Scotland) taught a class on Scotweave software as an introduction to the program for industry and interested artists.
What a great week. There were 9 participantes including 3 RMIT staff ( opps having problems with cat who likes to walk and sleep on key board) the week gave me a chance to try a new program (always a challange). The program is easy if I may say that any computer program is easy to use. After a week I felt that I could scan or draw an image and work it in Scotweave and weave it. Although there is so much for me to learn I think I can cope with the basics'. Although I am sure I will need to do pleanty of refreshing with the software before I could start again. in the future.

During the week we learnt to design yarns on the program, this makes it easier to view your design as a simulated image thats would look more like your finished work. Next was dobby weave and then artwork and finally jacquard just what we had all been waiting for.

I must say I became a bit of a circle/spot girl. They were easy to draw and quick to get a result.

I need to do more work with double cloth to understand the full benefits of the program I think.

It was interesting to see all the equipment that RMIT has, so many wonderful hand looms and industrial looms I have never seen. I find the complete loom of interest. All the threads and working parts of a loom so of course I took photos of these as well.

Over the next few days I will write some more about the trip and add more photos'.

I am now hoping to get back to Melbourne to play again. I have a few ideas for exhibition work but will need to plan, work in photoshop, plan, plan save some money, plan, hope Pat lets me come to Melbourne and I will be away!



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