Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back in Business

Well I'm still half on Canberra and half in Wingello but it's getting there :)
The loom is all set up in Wingello and was awaiting the new part - which arrived the day before yesterday and we successfully installed it. In order to test it properly, I just had to put a quick warp on!

I had to design something fairly quick to thread and weave. It's just simple - 2/20s wool, a little bit of overtwisted wool and thick silk noil in the weft. Sett at a measley 5epcm and same for weft. Verrigated dyed warp - and piece dying to happen post weaving. Narrow selvedges, strip of plain in the middle and some floats happening on both sides where the overtwist is.
Was very happy at my time challenge - best time was 1 scarf in an hour and 15 minutes! The others were a bit slower though.
So I have about an hour left of weaving to do, then cut it off and dye and catch the train by 2pm!



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