Friday, July 16, 2010

Cross-eyed Draftiing

I could barely see clearly last night after doing this... it took me a few hours to arrive at the structure I was looking for - going though many different threading, tie-up and lifting sequences. This accurately depicts what I was after though - kind of graphically mimicking the drape of fabric within the structure of the cloth.

It will be woven with the fine coloured 60/2s silk sett at 50epi (though I'm a little concerned that the won't be close enough). 349 ends in total - going onto my 8 shaft table loom at home. Because of the huge number of floats, I am hoping the structure of the cloth will move about a bit and be very drapey. Hehe like a drape within a drape.

Colours will definitely involve pinks and reds and golds. Can't figure out yet whether I want to incorporate a brocade or embroider on it..


Thursday, July 15, 2010

A July Evening

Ok Belly, so what am I to do? After getting the loom working, fine tuning the warp, and weaving a whole 15cm, the wonderful loom decides not to work again. I tried many things, Jeremy suggested it probably just needs to be reset somehow... came home, had more than a few sherries and so here I am - with a collection of bits and pieces - should I wind a warp or stitch an embroidery?

The above design is from a beautiful book called 'True Perfection in Design' by Giovanni Ostaus written in 1561 - appropriate for Lacroix, no?
We'll see what the evening brings..


Devine Elsegood's

I have a new love and it is Elsegood Fabrics. Elsegood's has been a silk fabric merchant since the 50's and is simply devine. I have been ordering from them occasionally by mail order, but never visited the store, even though it is only in Chippendale, Sydney. I went there the other day and it was a wonderful experience. I came away with 10 metres or beautiful silk satin to dye for an uncut pile rug.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Todays Shopping part 2

The images below are todays shopping at the Kingston Markets fiibre day. All photos except the second image are threads I bought at Kimoyes. Jill saved the threads for me and I am very grateful  she did. So now I need some time to play. Lacroix here we come! All the threads are from Japan and I am not sure what most of them are but sild and metals and very luscious, the long blue and white is ikat dyed possible end of a warp I am not sure. It has been woven at the ends as thought it is a warp but is very widley spaced so would not have been kimono fabric so I am thinking another silk warp and make it into double cloth. 
The second image is Alpaca/Silk 2/28 and I am not sure what they will be but it will be beautiful and soft when it grows into something.

Todays shopping


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