Saturday, March 7, 2015

Back to work and a busy 2015

Well Mel its that time of year and really time to get back into the swing. Today being Sunday I have to deal with my chores before another week starts. So it's clean the kitchen, clean the dinning table ( although looking at it most stuff is not mine for a change). Do floors and general tidy up and clean through out. 

Looking at my pantry it needs its yearly clear out as this year is the year of no food waste I have been putting this off, I should have done it before the end of 2014 so there is no guild about throwing anything out, and that's my problem I hate waste. 

I have told the girls no Easter chocolate as there is still last years in the pantry. 

Yuk what a mess!

Now for the good stuff, weaving! What is on your loom? This weeks challenge is to weave off what ever warp/s are on our looms and at least plan if not wind the next warp to go on and that has to be finished by the end of the month. Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes   This is going to be a busy month with my Uni project to do as well.

Last of the 50 mtr silk warp, although i am re thinking the 50 mt bit

There is way more felting wool warp left than silk ! 

Felting wool warp. now have to think what to do with all the left over wool warp?????

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