Friday, April 12, 2013

Love and Hate

Well yesterday I was definitely feeling a love/hate mix towards my loom. 'nuff said really. This is where I got back up to by last night - about the same place as I was at lunchtime.

But after a good relax and sleep and run in the fog this morning I'm feeling optimistic. Not much point being anything else at this point! It also helped to come in and see the images for the upcoming pockets - got me a bit excited again!

So, notes to self after a crappy day in the studio -
1. Swear at your loom sparingly - she doesn't like it, but save it up for a really good one.
2. Sometimes it's better to walk away and read a book for half an hour.
4. Make sure to fix problems (as much as possible) before you walk away.
5. Leave self a pleasant present to come back to the next day.

Seems doable mostly.


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