Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh the Horror! (or Loom Moving Day)

It had to happen. The last of the studio had to be moved.
Mizzley (more than mist, not quite drizzle) was the day. But Sturt was still pretty!

I didn't really have too much time to take many photos as my to helpers were all go. They decided that they wanted to move it with the frame mostly intact if possible This photo is of it mostly stripped down. It was eventually wrapped in a massive amount of bubble wrap and plastic to protect it.

Doors are always a problem. The inner doors to the studio came off and the door extension easily came off thankfully. This next photo is alarming. My poor baby had to go on her side! Did I also mention that even stripped down, this sucker is very heavy? With three of us under it we only just made it.

So now it's safe and sound in its temporary abode. Mum has some curtains that she wants to weave. So a big thanks to my helpers (Dad and Dave, my brother).

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Crossed Warps said...

Oh Melly huge job! but will be worth it in the end. onward to new things.


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