Saturday, January 5, 2013

New warp started

Warp being wound on back beam. Over twisted wool, linen copper and silk/stainless steel. So I didn't use any of the warp selections I chose, so will have to post another picture of final choice

Ready to find the cross.

Threading started.
Over twisted wool - GRRRRRRRR

Will I have the warp threaded through the headles, it has taken 4 days and there is not a lot of threads its just been so hot in the studio that I can only stay about an hour each time. Unfortunately  I have not been about to go out early morning when it would be a bit cooler so a hour at a time  it had to be. Better than nothing.
 The over twisted wool is a real bugger and has a mind of its own and not a good mind at that.
 The warp is 8 metres so I should get 3 scarves and hopefully a sample to play with.

Mel fixing the loom again. It does not like you to change patterns, as soon as you remove and replace the pegs and lags poof it takes hours of readjusting to get it going again.

Still getting the design right and loom working properly

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