Saturday, October 20, 2012

Warp Progress

Today was an unusually day. I started with some gardening, a quick trip to the shops and I am fancying myself as a decorator! Cake decorator that is. I haven't done any in a veeeeeerrrryyyy long time so thought I would pick up this book and give it ago soon. Just gotta love Costco, gets you in every time and books would be the one thing I can addicted to, cook book especially.

Next a friend dropped by to deliver 2 new chairs I had purchased  a few months ago and hadn't got around to having delivered. Well it was more that I was never here to accept the delivery at a convenient time. ( notice Rocky's ears!)

Then finally I got to go to the studio. It has been a while and I knew I wouldn't be able to sit at the loom for long but I so desperately wanted to get out there and get this warp threaded so I can get a little sampling going.

Finally threaded but Melly how do I keep the rayon from sliding off the beam when you tie it on? Oh wait I think I know!

Presto! marking tape will be my new best friend I think.

Now for a draft. I think this may have come from you or the weave-away blog I read on occasion.
So for my inspiration image   ( top right hand image) , I want to play with copper weft and texture. so lets start playing? Well now I have to wait until Wednesday to go back to the studio as family and work commitments will take up the next 3 day. So lets hope I have not over done the back today as I promised myself I would only sit at the loom for an hour but in the end stayed at the studio for 3 hours. I did get up and walk to visit Nancy Tingey in her studio a few times to rest my back. You would think that some one would develop a loom that was a bit more user friendly by now.   Belly

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