Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lego Weaving

This is one of those odd moments that only happens at night, on one's own and often a little over-tired.
The catalyst, so far as I can tell, was watching 'James May's Toy Stories' on Mecanno. On it was a brief couple of seconds of a FULLY AUTOMATIC Mecanno power loom - very old black and white film.
Here's a plan I found via

So. Theoretically I could make a teeny baby loom making bookmarks or ribbons sitting beside me while I weave!
But no Mecanno around the house...
But there was the box of Lego I bought myself for Christmas last year...
Playing...distraction... Playing...
Fully working skein winder!

Now the loom... Well my Leggo set wasn't that comprehensive so I couldn't make the rollers unfortunately - or anything automatic without cogs and things, but I went as far as I could with what I had.

And since waking up this morning I've found tonnes more on the interweb! Now I need more Leggo and Mecanno!
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A textile a day said...

love it melly. lego so much fun !

A textile a day said...

my brother had lots of mecanno when he was little like a lot of Aussie boy and I guess it went to the tip like most toys when they were finished with as children grow. If only we could see into the future and we would know to keep EVERYTHING


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