Saturday, May 28, 2011

Undulating Twills and Mock Piles

This week I revisited a couple of warps that have been sitting around waiting for me to figure out what to do with them.

This first is the undulating twill that I threaded up ages and ages ago here. I knew it needed something and I wasn´t quite happy with it. Today though, I feel like I got somewhere. First I out a highly mercerised cotton, fine rayon and fine metalic thread over it - perfect! Then I tried some finely cut gold painted paper - which I loved, but had to alter the structure a little. Next I tried some cut cellophane which I also really liked but red is the wrong colour for this warp so I will have a look around for maybe a yellow or orange?

 The next warp is the mock pile from this post. I dyed and ripped up some old blanket and put across it. Was very happy with it though am not quite sure what to do with it - floor rug or bag maybe? It´s quite stiff and I prefer it uncut - and I love the back too.

And I still keep forgetting to bring the draft home to post with it - will make that my mission for the week!

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