Sunday, June 27, 2010

on and off the loom

  1. Wool warp, silk weft in waffle weave on loom
  2. Wool warp, wool weft in waffle weave on loom 
  3. Wool warp and weft of the loom before washing 
  4. 1 and 2 after washing 
I like the effect of both warps but both warps shrunk so much in a much higher percentage than in the samples so I guess we can all these scarves "neck wraps". Its so disappointing to get to the finial stage and then find the product is no good.  ( Sorry the image is yellow)
So today I started to put a new warp on the loom and will weave one scarf from it and make it extra long.

And it's pink again! This is still yarn from the use it up stage. So I am not to sure what structure I will use yet or what colour or thread in the weft but it is half way threded in the heddles, so just a few hours and it will be ready for weaving. The cream and pink warp in the forground of the last image is the first warp ready for Lacroix!!!!  It has 2 inches of pink and then I could not unwind any more so I finished it of with cream silk and will paint the warp as I weave it is just an experimental warps and will be fun to play. Bell :)

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