Friday, December 11, 2009

Fabrics woven at Lisio by Franz and Marta

Franz Ippoldt ( far left front row) At a family celebration.

Uncut gold velvet Obi

The above 2 images are of jacquard fabric woven at Lisio for Fendi hand bags. Images supplied by Franz Ippoldt

This text is taken from the Lisio website

Joint ventures with Fashion Houses

Its expert knowledge of ancient hand-weaving techniques gives the LISIO Foundation a versatility that can also be invaluable for the design of contemporary textiles. New, specially designed motifs can be created for a customer’s exclusive use, with a modular repeat or positioned as required. Extensive research is carried out to find the best way of producing each motif, combining modern designs with ancient weaving techniques or classic designs with the latest yarns. Experiments may also be carried out using ancient manual systems in an attempt to achieve particular effects found in original samples. This approach of experimentation and research has proved ideal for the production of limited quantities of exclusive creations for High Fashion.

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