Saturday, November 3, 2007


Mel and I caught up for a quick late lunch yesterday. Avi Amesbury my work colleague and I had been to Sydney to visited the Smart Works exhibition at the powerhouse museum. A very interesting exhibition of Australian and New Zealand craft and design practitioners.

On our way back from Sydney we stopped to see Mel and visit Sturt Gallery in Mittagong.

Over lunch Avi made the comment that I procrastinate, now the debate started, was I or Mel the worst procrationator? I say Mel but of course I would, but it has me thinking why do we procrastinate and is it procrastination if we think about projects and mull them over in our minds but not put into a sketch book or diary? If projects take longer than others to materialize or we think, mull, think and decide that is not the road to travel is that still procrastination?

I have to say I do procrastinate but why?, is it because I just am not interested or I don't know which way to go to produce an idea. I keep thinking that I should draw more. My visual diaries are always filled with text not drawings but is that not a way of drawing any way? I always feel intimidated as there are many wonderful textile artists out there and I am not in that league.

So today--- I have started some new drawings in my diary, I have wound a new warp on my small loom, I have taken some images from old weavings so I can play in photoshop. So today I am not a procrastinator!!!!!!

My other thought for the day is, Is having a dead line eg: assessment or exhibition opening a way to make you develop ideas and get on with it or will we still procrastinate until due date is approaching?
Maybe study is a way of keeping going and not procratinate, so is that my answer do I need to do more study (maybe think of my MA), find a topic/subject research and make/produce a body of work and there you are, lots done and hopefully no procrastination.

The above image is one of today photos and now I have to work out why they always go to the top of my post and not where I insert them.


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