Friday, December 28, 2012

Warp Choices

Choice 1, L to R, Linen, Japanese man made thread (blue) over spun wool, and silk

Choice 2, L to R, Tencel, Japanese man made thread, over spun wool and silk

Choice 3, L to R, Linen, linen, lurex thread, cotton? ( need to do burn test) over spun wool and silk
So its decision time! I am about to start a production warp and Think I will put on a small production warp to get started. This one will be for 5 scarves. I pulled a number of cones today to make a decision as to what I will weave. I am thinking simple Lacroix ruffles using a number of different yarn types and gaining the ruffles with over twisted threads.

First choice: is still winning as a selection but I  may swap natural coloured linen for bleached linen. Choice 2 colour combination is more pleasing at this point hence swapping the 2 linens around.

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