Saturday, November 10, 2012

Not that successful

Almost there, blue warp is threaded shafts 9-10 repeat 20 times, then 11-12 repeat 3 times  9-10 are threaded singly through reed and 11-12 are double. 

Spacing threads, should have added plain weave! I will when I restart this sample, with the new lift plan.

Floats are on the top and not the bottom, so now I have to redo the pegs

To much pink and not enough copper

Just a big mess really!
The original draft for the image below. I have crammed the warp with 4 threads per dent instead of 2. I have now added the blue ikat warp to the side and it is threaded onto shafts 9- 10 then 11 and 12. Lift has had added 9-11, 11, 10-12, 12 repeated. so that has to change so floats are on the bottom.

Rayon warp, copper and man-made metallic thread in the weft. Hand woven 2012  Belinda Jessup

Hi Melly I have been busy this morning starting at 6.30 with a walk with the puppies. puppies were very happy to be out and about.
So I finished threading up and tied on. I have started to weave but the draft is not right, the floats are on the top and not the bottom. I also should have started with some plain weave but was just to excited to get it started. I will be patient and put on some plain weave and sated again. I am adding some photos so you can have a look at my day in the studio. I also pull 10 things from my desk beside me so thats also a start.

4 magazines - recycling
1 printing barren - give to Jill
2 printer inks - recycle if I cant find anyone with a printer they fit. my printer died
1 packet of matches - bin
1 fernwood gift card -bin
1 plastic sleeve - bin 

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