Thursday, August 30, 2012

A God and a Start Again

My friend Sandra wore this scarf the other day -

It's a Nuno scarf in overtwisted yarn which looks a lot like a Junichi Arai (who I will forever think of as one of my 'small gods') design for them. It was quite the highlight of the day!

It also reminds me of line drawings by Vasilj Godzh in the current issue of IDN vol 19 no. 3 2012. Link

And my new start for the day - I just need to play and make something beautiful today - need my soul/sanity/life restored. I was about to wind a new warp when I realised I still had quite a bit in this neglected warp.

So I tied it up again and I'm ready to play. After a coffee of course! And looking at it the song lyrics popped into my head "give it to me baby, a huh a huh." So, little refreshing warp, this is what I ask!

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