Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finished warps

Ok Photos not so good but I finished both woven pieces. The pink and blue was woven to 202cm, off the loom it is 178cm such a big difference and it has felting wool in the warp so will have to be very careful washing it.

The purple warp was woven to ( I thought) 185cm but off the loom its about 200cm. so I am not sure what I did.

I have been using, on some warps a piece of cotton tape with cm's measured on it and pinning it to the weaving and winding on as I go.  I am not to sure it is working to well as it stacks one side of the weaving. So I am sure this is giving me a distorted measurement. What do you think Mel? any ideas for measuring a scarf as weave.
I will post more photos after I wash the pieces. 

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