Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feathers from Photios Brothers

We discovered a fantastic place yesterday in Sydney - Photios Brothers . We´d heard of it before but never been and it is truly amazing! 16 000 individual stock items! They sell trimmings for everything but I was enamoured by their feathers, as I have been thinking about fur and feathers for some cloths. So here´s what i came away with (though it´s not enough - now I just want to get more!). Renata was the lovely person who served us and it turns out that she is a stunning artist too - she showed us some of her amazing bead encrusted peaces - wonderful to find another kindred spirit!
 Ostrich feathers - can´t wait to weave these!

 This colour didn´t quite come out - it´s more of an olive colour.
 I looove these ones! And there are others with more of a deep red russet colour on the tips - my next purchase!

 Elegant pheasant feathers - need some fur to go with them I think. They had a whole range of these dyed which were very tempting so I think they bare some experimenting.
For the fur I´m after, I think that I´ll try to find an alpaca pelt - what do you think?

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