Monday, September 27, 2010

Before the loom died!

Well what a frustrating 3 days. The loom is having issues (and say that with a Kath and Kim accent) and I forgot my camera so no really good images this week and these photos are taken on my blackberry and emailed to myself and them posted. Now I know there is away of posting direct from blackberry to blogger if I could only figure out how.
So the loom, oh Melly where to start, the major problem now is it just will not lift the shafts and when it does they just drop straight back down. It was working fine until I changed from plain weave back to waffle weave then problems no end. The warp is Lauren wool, DMC mercerized cotton is 2 thickness and some Annie Blatt mohair yarn. The weft is silk and rayon on 1 bobbin so just a mix of threads hoping to get an interesting result. I was hoping to weave of all 3 scarves and want to see what the final results will be, but alas not this weekend. I have started to use a piece of cotton tape as a measurer for length, this is the first time I have tried it and will see how it works out. I am not sure where I saw it but on some fabulous weaving blog so thank you who ever you are and I hope it works for me. 

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