Monday, September 26, 2016

Slow progress

Well its been such slow progress, Ill health and just life stopping me getting on with what I want to do. This long weekend I didn't get near what I wanted to do, but small steps. 
Sorry about the bad photos I have taken them at night and the lights are hopeless in my studio room, you can see the end of the torch I have been using to see the headles to thread. I have 1 mistake to fix Grrrrr. 

Threading stripes. Black and white thread is rayon and red is silk. Hopefully interesting double cloth coming up.

Look Mel I removed the seat but but couldn't get the roller off. (sorry about the mess)

Monday, July 4, 2016

A gift from the Island of Lembata

Spindle with hand spun and dyed cotton
Spindle with hand spun and dyed cotton, detail 

Spindle with hand spun and dyed cotton

Julie Ryder has just been on an amazing trip to the Lesser Sunda Island on a textile tour with Sue and David Richardson This is the woman who sold Julie Ryder the spindles with hand spun and dyed cotton on them and I was the lucky recipient of one, thanks Julie. The spindle bit is bone, not sure what of....but this village, Lamalera,on the South Coast of Lembata island is one of the last whaling villages in Indonesia.  

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Its a start

Well another week gone and not enough weaving done. Where does the time go? I need to be more disciplined but between  those beautiful grand sons and work time just goes.

The blanket has to be woven off this weekend and another one started.

Brighton waffle weave, Belinda Jessup

Brighton waffle weave, Belinda Jessup

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another white warp

Here we go again! I love colour, pattern and texture and again I am doing a white or just off white warp. I am weaving some baby blankets for friends and family. But I am planning on doing  some colour and texture with the weft threads. The warp is 100% wool and I plan on doing the weft wool or maybe add a little silk in with it. I was planning on using up some of my stash with these blankets but decided nice soft Bendigo Woollen Mills  wool would be best on baby skin.  Again its thanks to Mel for all her help in getting the 10 mts long and 120cm wide warp on the loom. She really is my loom fairy that appears and helps me regularly thanks Mel.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Warp Finished

Belinda Jessup, double warp 2015

Belinda Jessup, double warp 2015

Belinda Jessup, double warp 2015
Well I have finished the double warp. Finally!  It has been 
finished for a few weeks and I just haven't had a chance to post the 
finial images. Mel took some photos as I was cutting the warp off which 
was lucky as I didn't think to. I was at the point of I just wanted it off 
the loom. I have been working on some machine embroidery so I haven't 
as yet put another warp on the loom but hope to in the next day or so.
I am thinking some baby blankets so a new grand baby and a few extras
for some friends having babies. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Thanks for popping in this evening Mel. We had a quick dinner of lamb steaks and stir fried vegetables and some lively discussion.

First thing is an update on my last post. Yes I cleaned out the pantry although there is a pile on the kitchen bench of sweet treats my daughter has to deal with. Its mostly hers.
The kitchen benches and dinning table has been cleaned and use so many times they almost need another clearing after a big weekend of wedding sweets table and other paraphernalia that came into the house. So I will do a quick tidy of both of these before bed. Can you believe that I have been told which chocolate Easter Rabbit to get. I said NO chocolate but seems we have to have our Easter egg.

Table is tidy when I look at it, I must put the Christmas candle branch away although I do like it in winter as our christmas is hot. I need more candles which are hard to find in the correct size.

I have almost finished the warp ( one beautiful grand son always takes me away from the loom. I should be more disciplined),  so much has happen over the past few weeks I am not sure where the weeks went and what I did in that time. I am about to hit the loom for an hour before its to noisy for the neighbors as it is already 8.10pm.

So thoughts are now focused on the next thing to weave although I have some study to do at ANU and it involves machine embroidery. I do need to weave some blankets so if not a blanket warp I will have to get a least a scarf warp on the loom as its getting cold and everyone needs scarves in winter. Will keep you posted on how both progress.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Back to work and a busy 2015

Well Mel its that time of year and really time to get back into the swing. Today being Sunday I have to deal with my chores before another week starts. So it's clean the kitchen, clean the dinning table ( although looking at it most stuff is not mine for a change). Do floors and general tidy up and clean through out. 

Looking at my pantry it needs its yearly clear out as this year is the year of no food waste I have been putting this off, I should have done it before the end of 2014 so there is no guild about throwing anything out, and that's my problem I hate waste. 

I have told the girls no Easter chocolate as there is still last years in the pantry. 

Yuk what a mess!

Now for the good stuff, weaving! What is on your loom? This weeks challenge is to weave off what ever warp/s are on our looms and at least plan if not wind the next warp to go on and that has to be finished by the end of the month. Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes   This is going to be a busy month with my Uni project to do as well.

Last of the 50 mtr silk warp, although i am re thinking the 50 mt bit

There is way more felting wool warp left than silk ! 

Felting wool warp. now have to think what to do with all the left over wool warp?????


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